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Heartless city

Heartless city

Heartless city-

your wings are stolen again…

You’ve realy thought

that somebody will care

to give you one more chance…?


Countless faces,

lack of love-

they cut beauty in meaningless pieces.

One goal- to get more,Heartless

to be more…

more than anybody else.


At least- a hope:

to give up everything

And denounce yourself

you’ve lost-

your values, your goals,

your dreams…

What’s up?

What’s up?

Your face of failed philosopher, your tired eyes

You blame your life and useless people around us.

You really think that you are special,

You think I’ll give you one more chance

You may look great and be the coolest

But not for me, you’re not my man.

I’ve cleaned my life, refreshed my thoughts-

There is not happy end for us

You are too low or I’m too high,

It’s not your fault but it’s my choice.



ImagineEverybody make his own decisions…

The hardest part is to live with this.

Every morning wake up and go farther

When every step is an anamnesis.


Take your chance they said,

Don’t waste your time for flies

And even if you lose your true identity

You could be a great fake.


Love? The biggest joke in world –

Just take a look around

There isn’t an easy solution

To rise your head above the crowd.


Каждый человек делает собственые выборы,

Выборы с которыми он должен будет жить.

Просыпаться и идти дальше

Когда каждый шаг как забытый мотив.


Они сказали – используй каждый миг,

Не трати свое время на ловлю мух

Ведь дажe если потеряешь себя,

Ты сможешь стать великой поделкой.


Любовь? Величайший на свете обман.

Отбрось мечты и посмотри вокруг-

Волшебныe решения для ежедневных задачь

Не существуют в мире людском.



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