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What is the power of Memory?one

Could Memory move things or make them disappear?

Like scent of flower or summer’s dream…

A hole in heart fills up with peace and harmony?


What is the weight of Memory?

Like kiss of snowflake which melts on lips

Or stone which throws you in arms of sea

An entire world which gives you wings or agony.


What is the price of Memory?

It’s golden fish which floats in our soul…

Sometimes you’d give up on your life

For a moment which slipped through fingers to the ground.


What is the power, weight and price of Memory?

A star which shines so bright on canvas’ night

You hope, you reach out after her sparks

But she is dead… she closed her eyes.

Heartless city

Heartless city

Heartless city-

your wings are stolen again…

You’ve realy thought

that somebody will care

to give you one more chance…?


Countless faces,

lack of love-

they cut beauty in meaningless pieces.

One goal- to get more,Heartless

to be more…

more than anybody else.


At least- a hope:

to give up everything

And denounce yourself

you’ve lost-

your values, your goals,

your dreams…

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